Opawz Permanent Dye 4OZ,

Get bright and fashionable color with OPAWZ Permanent Dog Hair Dyes. Specially formulated for use on dogs and horses. Non-toxic and gentle on the pet's coat. For professional creative groomer use. • Can be used on white, grey, apricot, and brown coats • Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed • Permanent Dyes can be mixed with each other according to your preference • Color can be diluted with the Permanent Color Dilution Cream Directions • Shampoo and blow-dry first if the dog's coat is dirty and oily. • Shake well before opening. • Apply onto desired coat area and leave it on for 20 minutes (For the Loyal Brown and Vital Copper, please let the color sit on the hair for at least 40 minutes). • Rinse and dry after. Note • Be sure to stir well with a brush before use. • Gloves are highly recommended to avoid dye from staining hands • For coloring limited areas, such as ears or tails, you may apply directly to dry fur. Results may vary depending on application strength and individual pet’s coat. • Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed. • Conditioner may inhibit colors from adhering properly. Please do not use any conditioner or other brands' dyes (as they may contain conditioner ingredients) prior to using OPAWZ dye. CAUTION • Not recommended for use on pets under 6 months. • Not recommended for use on cats. • Do not use on pets with sensitive, irritated, or damaged skin. • Do not allow pets to lick. • Do not contact with eyes and mouth. If it happens, rinse with a large amount of water for 15 minutes. • If any allergic reactions happen during dyeing, discontinue process immediately and consult a veterinarian. Allergy test on the skin is recommended 48 hours prior to application if the pet is being colored for the first time.
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