Bows, Neckbands, Bowties, Ruffles, Bibs
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Round Sequin Collar Bow
Elegant sequin collar bow with pearl and rhinestone centerpiece. Elastic on back to slide the pets collar through. Available in a variety of colors
Bling carnation collar bow 10 pack
Collar bows with elastic strap on back to slide on pets collar
Prissy ruffles 3 pack
Tie on neck accessories
Rhinestone Daisy neck band
8 pack neckband with adjustable straps. Fits small and medium
Triple Tulle
7 pack triple tulle neck bands on an adjustable strap. Fits small-medium pets
Shaggy chic collar bow (10 pack)
Elastic loop on back to slide on collar
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Round Sequin Neckband (7 pack)
Pack of 7 Elegant sequin ribbon neckband with a beautiful rhinestone and pearl centerpiece on adjustable strap. Fits neck size Available in a variety of colors
Triple bling (7 pack)
Neck band s with adjustable straps
Puffy tulle elastic band (7 pack)
7 beautiful tulle neckbands on elastic adjustable strap fits most sizes
Round Sequin Elastic Band (7pack)
Elegant sequin neck band with rhinestone and pearl centerpiece on an adjustable elastic band. Fits neck sizes 7 per package
Extension Tool Kit (Tool-Kit-Extension)
Tool Kit includes: 1 hair hook, 1 pair pliers, 100 crimp beads. Used to apply feather extensions to the coat. 1. Slide a crimp bead onto the hair hook and make sure hook is in the open position. 2. Select a small strand of hair and hook with the hair hook. 3. Slide the crimp bead off he hair hook and onto the hair. 4. Insert feather extension in bead and smash with the pliers. 5.To remove simple squeeze the bead the opposite direction to open back up.
Tinsel Extensions (10 pack)
Per- tipped easy to apply tinsel extensions are a perfect touch of sparkle. Available in multiple colors.
Stripped flowers (8 pack)
Adjustable neck bands
Ruffel daisies
Adjustable. Neckband fits most small to medium size pets
Pom pom neck bands (5 small)
Fun and fashionable accessories that look cute on almost any breed. Available is a wide variety of color combinations 5 pack
Leopard print bib set
One boy, one girl Adjustable. Neckband fits most small to medium size pets
BeDazzeled queen bling set
Appliqués have a sticky back but tacky glue is suggested for long time wear.
Rhinestone Flowers
Add a little bling to your grooms Appliqué has a sticky back however for long time wear apply tacky glue to back before applications
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